In 2000, Jordan Verzar established the boutique agency, Top Shelf. Top Shelf currently represents a diverse roster of local and international music with a focus on acoustic, fusion, world music and live electronica; an artistically orientated company working as an alternative to the mainstream. The first agency of its kind representing purely and exclusively alternative music (world, jazz, post-classical etc…) in Australia

This agency has grown to its zenith, representing the cream of unique music makers from Australia and overseas. Currently, Top Shelf does music programming, tour promoting, artist management and consultancy for a wide variety of artists and spaces internationally.

The Top Shelf ethos is to represent and work with art of a singularly unique nature and a virtuosic technicality. To nurture the artistic environment where unique ideas and new creative projects are rewarded, encouraged and put to work. To forge long term careers and artistic partnerships along mutually beneficial terms with artist and presenters alike.