Ben Walsh

Ben Walsh

Performer, percussionist, composer, instrument maker, collaborator, curator, record label owner, raconteur…

Ben has been instrumental in the creation, development, touring, recording and establishment of groups such as The Bird, Circle of Rhythm, The Tom Tom Crew, Scotch & Soda, Sediment, Pablo Percusso, Taikoz, Groovelands and The Crusty Suitcase Band, Dha,… to name just a few of his endeavours.

Initially known as one of Australia’s well admired, respected and hardest working drummers, Ben has cut his teeth racking up thousands of gigs across the globe and studying with some of the worlds leading instrumentalists. Years of honing his skills has seen Ben’s artistic vision continually evolving, searching out new horizons and challenges from electronic forms to orchestral composition.

Initially composing works for short films and dance, Ben’s body of work in the past years has extended to encompass live filmscores, mixed media projects and a groundbreaking piece of enhanced storytelling via orchestral score to Oscar winner Shaun Tan’s wordless masterpiece: THE ARRIVAL as commissioned by the Graphic Festival at Sydney Opera House.

“A unique and sensitive adaptation with my otherwise still and silent universe, taking it to a new level of intensity through a passionate performance.” (Shaun Tan)

Ben’s scoring vehicle for the visual medium is his eclectic Orkestra of the Underground a motley collection of supremely talented multi-instrumentalists drawing from mainly the jazz and world music disciplines.

Ben was commissioned by Sydney Festival to compose a score for Rene Laloux’s classic “birth of science fiction” animated film, Fantastic Planet – commissioned by the Oz Asia Festival & OZ Fest in India to create a major work incorporating film, dance and music from the “birth of bollywood” film “Diamond Queen”. Ben was also commissioned to write the score to Legs on the Walls, “My Bicycle Loves You”.

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