Debashish Bhattacharya (India)

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Debashish Bhattacharya is considered, by many, to be the most accomplished slide guitarist alive today. His guru, Brij Bhushan Khabra, is considered the father of Indian classical guitar, indeed he was the first artist to play Hindustani classical music on slide guitar. In 1933 slide guitar came from Hawaii to India (Kolkata ,hometown of Debashish). Debashish learned Hawaiian guitar in early childhood, creating his unique technique and was considered a genius when he was ten. His further studies with Pt Brij channeled his knowledge into a mastery of the instrument with a direct emotional connection.

“You will likely never hear better acoustic slide playing than this. “Henry Kaiser, (Acoustic Guitar Magazine, USA)

Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya through his extreme virtuosity has won the heart of millions all over the world… He doesn’t believe in the difference between classical music from the East and West, but sees it instead as … Read More »


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FourPlay String Quartet have come a long way since winning the UNSW Band Competition in 1995. From the concert halls of Asia to the gritty rock pubs of Newcastle, from British arts centres to the Australian folk festival circuit, they have always been unique not only as a string quartet, but also as aband, performing original works and covers arranged themselves, laced with vocals and effects pedals.

The group has released three studio albums, recorded and released independently. They have also compiled a double remix album, “Digital Manipulation”, featuring 25 Australian electronic artists remixing FourPlay’s original material. Their third studio album Now To The Future was released in mid 06, receiving a fantastic response from media and fans alike.

FourPlay’s song writing has reached a new level with Now To The Future. The album features eight original … Read More »

Gary Groth

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From Comix to Comics to Graphic Novels: A First Person History of Independent Comics Over the Last Half Century.

Fantagraphics are the worlds leading publisher in the realms of alternative comics. Gary Groth and his partner Kim Thompson established the company in 1981, publishing Graphic Novels well before the trend. They have continued to publish some of the most influential cartoonists of our times.

Fantagraphics are THE one-stop shop for people who are serious about comics as literature.

Gary Groth is a legendary figure within the comics industry. He was and is the editor and publisher of THE COMICS JOURNAL, which was the first regular publication that brought a level of published criticism to the medium of comics. The Comics Journal has an international reputation for giving and receiving… criticism.

In His presentation, Groth narrates the coming-of-age story of the comics form from the … Read More »

Gramophone Man

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Gramophone Man utilizes the world’s only ‘steam powered’ mobile Gramophone DJ Contraption to play original shellac jazz and blues 78’s from the 20’s 30’s and 40’s. Combine this with suave patter, dapper attire, some ill advised dance moves and shonky, high camp mime and you have a unique performance piece of the highest order. Expect to hear crazy boogie woogie, swing jazz and novelty yodelling tunes and some real stinkers you wish you had never heard.



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‘Totally unexpected…rousing new crowd-pleasers.’ (The Guardian)

From the steppes of Mongolia, via Beijing, comes Hanggai, blending traditional music and upbeat rock.

They sing about Mongolian Robin Hoods, mix throat singing with rock instruments and dress like men of the steppes even though they live in the teeming, churning metropolis of Beijing.

Hanggai’s music embraces the world of rock, pop and bluegrass as seen and heard by a new generation of Chinese.

The self-described ‘Inner Mongolian hillbillies’ have had a great year in Asia, the US and Australia.  Highlights for the band were outstanding shows at Fuji Rock Festival in Niigata, Japan, Music Without Borders @ Millennium Park, Chicago and Bonaroo Festival, Tennessee, Sydney Festival, Australia and WOMAD Australia and New Zealand.

In 2012 they are returning to Europe, Australia, Japan and the America’s.  Summer 2011/2012 will bring Hanggai back to Australia, with appearances booked at … Read More »

Hauschka (Germany)

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Presented by Top Shelf & The Windish Agency

Hauschka is a composer, songwriter and experimental musician who has brought an exciting new perspective to the prepared piano.

The prepared piano – a technique for getting new sounds from the acoustic keyboard by resting pieces of paper or drumsticks on the strings of the instrument – has been used for centuries, but Hauschka was unaware of the tradition when, at the dawn of the new millennium, he began exploring ways to get new sounds out of his Bechstein grand upright. “I wanted the sound of a hi-hat (cymbal) to add a percussive effect to a composition I was writing. I took foil from a Christmas cake and wrapped it around the strings [inside the piano]. From there, I was inspired to use other objects on the strings to get bass drum sounds, or … Read More »

Jeff Lang

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Singer-songwriter Jeff Lang has built up a reputation for startlingly original performances, working without a set list, allowing the unique energy of each night to shape the songs. While Lang will talk of his admiration for the elemental blues of Skip James, the raw gospel of Blind Willie Johnson, the devastating guitar work of Jimi Hendrix, the masterful slide guitar of Ry Cooder, and the sublime songwriting of Bob Dylan and Richard Thompson, comparisons to these artists fails to paint an adequate picture.

Jeff Lang is critically acclaimed as a truly great guitar player. The unusual thing is that the guitar playing never gets in the way of the music, nor overshadows his gift for hauntingly poetic songwriting. As a live performer Lang is only satisfied when something truly inspired takes place. This restless … Read More »

Jim Woodring

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Jim Woodring was born in Los Angeles in 1952 and enjoyed a childhood made interesting by frequent hallucinations, apparitions, disembodied voices and other psychological malfunctions.

Despite the generally frightening nature of his delusions he learned to accept them as part of life and was accordingly a reasonably cheerful and good-natured lad.

After barely graduating from high school Woodring got a job as a garbage man and lived in picturesque squalor as he set about the task of capturing his inner life in words and pictures.

Some of these fledgling efforts were printed in various “underground” publications of the day: Two-Bit Comics (a weekly tabloid), the Los Angeles Free Press, and an early effort at self-publishing, The Little Swimmer.

Gradually he developed a number of serviceable drawing styles and became a full-time … Read More »

Jon Cleary

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Jon Cleary’s love and affinity for New Orleans music goes back to the rural British village of Cranbrook, Kent, where he was raised in a musical family. Cleary’s maternal grandparents performed in London in the 1940s, under the respective stage names Sweet Dolly Daydream and Frank Neville, The Little Fellow With The Educated Feet – she as a singer, and he as a crooner and tap dancer.

As a teen Cleary grew increasingly interested in funk-infused music and discovered that three such songs that he particularly admired – LaBelle’s “Lady Marmalade,” Robert Palmer’s version of “Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley,” and Frankie Miller’s rendition of “Brickyard Blues” – were attributed to Allen Toussaint as either the songwriter, the producer, or both. Cleary’s knowledge of Toussaint’s work expanded significantly when his uncle returned home to the U.K., after a two-year sojourn in … Read More »

Kaki King

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Kaki’s first tour to Australia was a whirlwind of shows and media. Six front covers and 5 sold out shows were the result of the fans and press desperate to see what all the fuss was about.

It’s with great pleasure we announce two additional tours for Kaki King in 07 for Australia. Firstly, in Easter for three of Australia’s biggest festivals, The East Coast Blues n Roots, West Coast Blues n Roots and The Great Escape in Sydney. Secondly as a feature performer of the inaugural Adelaide International Guitar Festival in November.

Thumping bass lines, tapping melodies, and slapping percussion on her guitar, Kaki King is a one-woman force sent to wreak acoustic havoc. She’s a riveting performer, combining jaw-dropping technique with unique compositions. Her playing has a passion and an edge … Read More »