Since 2000 Top Shelf has been involved at the genesis of new artistic creations. We initiate new collaborations for multiple artforms & disciplines, we curate programs for some of Australia’s leading festivals and arts centres and generally have fun posing new artistic ideas to the artists we work with. Here are some of our current projects:



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Graphic is curated by Jordan Verzar & Ben Marshall

Check out the Animal Logic produced webclip

Comic books, illustration, animation, music and stories have not only changed the face of our popular culture, they now define it. Comic art and their stories are now a leading source of inspiration for films, television, clothing, designers, musicians and creative types the world over. The ideas and imaginations of these creators has had an astounding impact on our world. Imagination should always be celebrated, so why not hold a festival paying tribute to these creative artists and their work?

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Graphic is a festival of firsts. Almost every performance presented is devised and created specifically for the festival. The aim of Graphic is to explore the areas where music, storytelling and visual art collide. To present and honour the work of the artists whose work has changed, challenged and inspired our lives, to give artists new artistic challenges and above all to have fun.

In 2011 the inaugural Graphic program was held, taking over the Sydney Opera House for 25 debut or newly commissioned performances. The theme of blurring the lines of artforms and exploring the boundaries and limits of storytelling has continued to the 2011 and 2012 programs. in total hosting a total of 67 new pieces of art for your enjoyment and edification.

Jordan Verzar has conceived the ideas, concepts and in many cases acted as the conduit for many of the commissioned performances such as:

Neil Gaiman, Eddie Campbell & FourPlay String Quartet

“The Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountains”

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Regurgitator Rescoring the classic Anime “AKIRA”
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Gotye previewing and launching his blockbuster album:

Silent Comics: Seven of the finest artists write new scores to wordless comics: Plaid (Warp) = Hunt Emerson, Gotye = Jim Woodring, Captain Matchbox = R.Crumb & Peter Kuper, FourPlay = Roger Langridge, Seekae = Scarygirl, Darth Vegas = Jim Woodring, Ben Walsh & Matt Ottignon = Peter Kuper

Check out Seeake’s interview about the experience:

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