FourPlay String Quartet present their new album This Machine & national tour dates.

“Nothing short of magnificent” The Scotsman
FourPlay String Quartet
present their new album
This Machine
& national tour dates.
IN STORES & ONLINE Oct 10th. Distribution via MGM

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FourPlay String Quartet return from wowing audiences at New York’s Carnegie Hall and London’s Barbican Centre with their new album, This Machine – the next step in the evolution of the string quartet as songwriters.

Australia’s favourite electric string quartet, FourPlay began life playing mostly covers. This Machine is their first album of 100% original material, and arguably their finest, most intriguing long-player to date.

What’s in store? Epic soundscapes, rock ‘n’ roll ,chainsawing violas, jazz, eastern influences, pop songs.

It’s been eighteen years since the first FourPlay album, and the band has certainly come of age. The four members (brothers Peter and Tim Hollo, Lara Goodridge and Shenzo Gregorio) have lived their lives together, played at some of the world’s most famous venues and festivals, and spent countless hours writing and jamming together – all of which has created a rare synergy and an unspoken understanding in how they go about their work. FourPlay’s sound and musicality has matured and evolved, resulting in a truly original album, which will cement their growing national and international reputation as an eclectic and diverse musical tour de force.

This Machine was recorded, co-produced and mixed by Tony Buchen (Evans, Megan Washington, Andy Bull, Ronan Keating, The John Butler Trio, Dereb the Ambassador) and features new artwork by Dave McKean (Neil Gaiman, Heston Blumenthal, Richard Dawkins).

FourPlay String Quartet “This Machine” Tour Dates:

Fri 10th Oct: Brisbane – Black Bear Lodge –
Sat 11th Oct: Canberra – Street Theatre –
Thurs 16th: Newcastle – Lizottes –
Fri 17th: Katoomba, NSW –  Kindlehill Performance Space:
Satu 18th: Sydney – The Basement –
Sun 19th: Adelaide – Governor Hindmarsh –
Fri 24th: Melbourne – Caravan Club –
Sat 25th: Melbourne – The Toff In Town –

Management: Jordan Verzar – 0408 962 319

Publicity: Gaynor Crawford  02 6685 9714 – 0409 250 510

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The story so far…

FourPlay is an indie rock band that just happen to be a string quartet. They began their professional lives entering a UNSW Band Competition, then surprised themselves by winning. Their trajectory from there was fast and decisive, the band rapidly being booked for major festivals while selling out club gigs across Australia. Their first albumCatgut Ya Tongue? was one of the most successful independent releases of the late ’90s, seeing the band self-distribute their albums through a PO Box, a fax machine, and a rather punk/DIY attitude.

FourPlay started by performing covers predominantly by a diverse array of artists: The Strokes, Rage Against The Machine, Radiohead, Leonard Cohen, Robert Johnson, Sufjan Stevens, and many, many more.  

They went on to tour the world, play the album Pet Sounds with Brian Wilson, collaborate with Plaid (Warp/UK) on a live filmscore to the animated feature Tekkonkinkreet, create live comic books scores, perform at three TEDx Sydney events, and most recently collaborate with wildly popular author Neil Gaiman. The Gaiman collaborationThe Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains was originally created for a live performance commissioned by Sydney Opera House’s Graphic Festival, but Gaiman enjoyed the project rather a lot. So… it was recorded, EddieCampbell – the illustrator of the work – painted 65 new pieces, and it became a book, an e-book and a CD released worldwide by Harper Collins and William Morrow, the performance recently taking them to sold out audiences at such esteemed venues as Carnegie Hall (New York) and The Barbican Centre (London).

Not bad for a little string quartet from Sydney. Overall, FourPlay have released four studio albums, a double remix cd and three 3″ singles.

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