Maarja Nuut & Ruum

Maarja Nuut & Ruum

The sound of Maarja Nut and Ruum is the velvet clash of disparate voices from a shared cultural heritage colliding. Nuut is a vocalist and violinist with a love for the old traditional songs of her homeland, while Ruum – whose birth name is Hendrik Kaljujärv – has favoured electronic music since his earliest musical forays.

Yet when creating in unison, the shared aesthetic of Maarja Nut and Ruum forges a beguiling musical interzone: connecting the deep-rooted, intuitive worldview of days past with the hyper-mediated realities and seemingly limitless technological possibilities of the present and future.

Having been drawn together in the summer of 2016 to concoct a collaborative piece for the Viljandi Folk Music Festival, Maarja Nut and Ruum soon discovered a strong musical bond continually pulling them together, a creative spark which dragged them from both from their respective comfort zones.

“In this collaboration we both bring in our sound tools and musical thinking to the process,” Maarja Nut offers. “Then each complements the other in their own ways. It’s been a long process finding the balance, but I love the fact we both have space to express ourselves and somehow in the end these different worlds come together as something rather natural.”

The culmination of this strange-but-perfect union was 2018’s acclaimed debut collaborative album Muunduja, a remarkable, often stimulating listen which The Quietus called, “one of the year’s most beautiful journeys through inner and outer space.”

What critics said about Muunduja

“Maarja Nuut is driven, hiding in plain sight, and sometimes too open or overly painstaking in picking out her creative path. Yet she is determined to make her mark, to show that the world in her head is actually all around us if we just take a moment to feel its presence. In doing so she and Hendrik Kaljujärv have made what must be one of the records of the year.”
The Quietus

Muunduja – the duo’s new album – embraces in-betweenness, evoking both wake and sleep, organic embraces and cold steel, here and hereafter.”

“…a haunting journey over fresh terrain: features might look familiar but known qualities dissolve on closer inspection leaving only the pleasure of the new.”
Pop Matters

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