Maru Tarang

Maru Tarang

Jeff Lang: Guitars & Vocals

Asin Langa: Sindhi Sarangi & Vocals

Bobby Singh: Tabla

Bhungar Manganiyar: Khartal

Deep in the deserts of Rajasthan, Australian artists Jeff Lang & Bobby Singh met Asin Langa & Bhungar Manganiyar. Spanning continents and genres, a remarkable collaboration commenced – Maru Tarang. A virtuosic repertoire including ancient Rajasthani songs refreshed by Australian roots; seminal blues by Robert Johnson enriched by Indian flavours; soulful expressions through deep, original and fiery improvisations and compositions…

These artists have developed their music to be all they need to converse, sans a common language… and the conversation is stunningly eloquent.

Maru Tarang has performed in India (Jodhpur RIFF), Scotland (Celtic Connections) and Australia (Parramasala).

Check this clip taken of the group at the Rajasthani International Folk Festival:

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