Rasa Duende

Rasa Duende


Launching their new album ‘Improvisations’

A collaboration between internationally acclaimed musicians Bobby Singh (Tabla), Adrian McNeil (Sarod) and Damian Wright (Flamenco Guitar), Rasa Duende’s first recording “Improvisations” explores meeting points between Hindustani and Flamenco traditions through a deep understanding and engagement with both of these highly expressive music cultures.

The trio explores meeting points between the melodies, rhythms and aesthetic thought that is deeply embedded in both music cultures. Through the primacy of improvisation, the artists respectfully engage with a range of this traditional material, and then arranges it into a new collaborative setting. This approach allows the artists to create a sound that is both fresh and unique but, at the same time, deeply rooted in the tradition and musical sensibilities of these two cultures.

This exciting and tasteful mixing of two rich traditions succeeds in finding melodies and rhythms that are similar to both musics, and works to create a sound that is both fresh and unique but deeply rooted in the history of these two cultures.

Food & Music

Discover the innate and flavoursome connections between Indian music and food. As a special gift to audiences, the trio will present a Hindustani cooking demonstration with a dash of Spanish flavouring. Through an entertaining, practical 40 min demonstration, the musicians discuss the recipe as likened to the composition of a Raga and its development in the mind of a performer, and how the methods of cooking  Indian food reveal a fascinating insight into the melodic universe of a raga.

Indian cuisine and Indian music have been long recognised as sharing many elements in common and for many musicians a raga is understood as a melodic recipe. The connection is noted in the Natyasastra, the first treatise on Indian performing arts (2nd cent AD). The demonstration explores this connection further through both cooking and playing, providing a valuable insight into the creative thinking and processes behind Rasa Duende.


Bobby Singh (Tabla):
Tabla player Bobby Singh, a disciple of the great maestro Aneesh Pradhan, is one of the most sought-after musicians on the Australian world music circuit and is the first choice for musicians from India touring Australia and New Zealand.
Bobby has played with such luminaries as slide Guitarist Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Purbayan Chatterjee, Shashank Subramanium & Guru Karaikudimaniand his guru Aneesh Pradhan.
Outside of the milieu of Indian classical music, Bobby has also formed many partnerships with some of Australia’s best known musicians. Crossing many styles of music from Drum & Bass with The Bird to Western Classical with Slava Grigoryan to Blues & Roots with John Butler & Jeff Lang.He has received a creative fellowship award from Australia Arts Council and is the first Indian musician to win an ARIA award with Djan Djan.In the last few years he has been performing regularly in India with many of his cross cultural collaborations.

Adrian McNeil (Sarod):
Born in Melbourne, Australia, Adrian was based in India for many years, mostly in Calcutta, Mumbai and Dehra Dun. He has undergone intensive training according to the guru-shishya parampara (traditional methods) for more than twenty five years under Pandit Ashok Roy, Professor Sachindranath Roy and Dr. Ashok Ranade. He regularly performs in major concerts in Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore and regional centres where his playing attracts critical acclaim. He often appears in the media in India and has performed for National Television and Radio along with leading cable television station Zee TV, and has been interviewed by major national daily newspapers.
He has made a number of recordings for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, released two solo recordings and has toured widely in Europe and Asia. He has a PhD in ethnomusicology and researches and publishes widely on Indian music, which including his authoritative and highly regarded book on the sarod tradition in India.

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Damian Wright (Guitar):
Began studying flamenco in Australia from a young age. His passion for the artform led him to its source, Spain, where he spent years studying under the grand masters of flamenco guitar. Upon his return to Australia, he was funded by The Australia Council to again return to Spain and delve deeper into his study. When finally returning to Australia, Damian has written for and performed with the top flamenco artists in the world within Australia as well as creating his own national touring flamenco group, “Bandaluzia Flamenco” which has become a massive hit in the world and folk festival circuit of Australia.



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