French Troubadour Tété returns to Australia in October with his own soulful blend of blues, folk and pop influences. Tété brings with him his current release, Le Sacre des Lemmings , a beautiful and charismatic album that explores concepts both political and romantic in nature.

When Tété landed on Australian shores late last year, he wasn’t exactly a household name. An explosive first performance at Woodford Folk Festival rapidly changed that and by his second show audiences were spilling out of the venue. Word soon spread across Australia that Tété was an act not to be missed. His bilingual shows became a talking point, and Tété’s debut Australian tour went from strength to strength, with sold out shows in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as performances at Music By the Sea and Cygnet Folk Festival in Tasmania.

Influenced by the Delta Blues, Lenny Kravitz, The Beatles and Bob Dylan, his exposure to American and English pop culture provided the classroom for Tété to learn English and developed a passion for the music that would have such an impact on him.
According to veteran producer and documentary filmmaker Martin Messonnier, Tété is “one of the few young chansonniers doing something really new”.

Described as ‘terribly human’, it is no wonder Tété has been called France’s Jeff Buckley. The self-taught singer-songwriter started out playing his guitar in bars and cafés and busking on the streets of Paris. A humble beginning perhaps, but Tété is now regarded as one of France’s best songwriters and has sold over half a million records, selling out The Olympia in Paris five times in one year. A remarkable achievement for a self-taught, alternative musician.

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