The Bird

The Bird


Electronic music has developed rapidly in the last years, for the limitations are few and the possibilities are still being discovered.

When live meets the electronic, new realms of dance music emerge.

During the last 18 years The Bird have established a solid reputation as one of Australia’s finest live electronic dance outfits, and in the studio have continued to push musical boundaries.

Primarily a live band, The Bird have developed a nationwide following for their brand of uptempo and dynamic performances.

The Bird’s core members are Ben Walsh (drums) & Simon Durrington (keyboards).

As musicians, The Bird have sought an organic interpretation of computer-generated forms of music, combing live dubstep, drum’n’bass, breakbeats and electro synth lines, with sounds from the Asian Underground, and heavy dub vibes. The Bird’s music is a journey through these numerous influences and styles, executed with a high energy performance aesthetic, as that is their trademark style.

The Bird have toured Australia and overseas extensively, playing at many venues and festivals  including Glastonbury Festival, Brick Lanes Vibe Bar, Falls Festival, Adelaide Festival, Woodford Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, Two Tribes, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Festival, Home Nightclub, and Earthcore to name but a few.

And the media said…

The Bird are a live, cross-genre act that move from dub step to hip-hop to, breaks and drum n bass. Opening with a slower number, they quickly picked up the energy switching between genres and tempos, putting on an excellent display of their musical prowess. The chopping and changing of styles, and the fact they were a live band, not just someone playing someone else’s music, bought many cheers between tracks and earned them lots of respect from the crowd. (DNBBQ)

It doesn’t matter what music you are in to, you should catch The Bird in your lifetime. If you have a pulse I’m sure The Bird could escalate it. Their energy is infectious, and their diverse approach to live electronic music will please any music lover with an open mind. (Zebra Magazine).

Ben Walsh just is a living national treasure, and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees with me on that. The Bird’s musical range covered drum n’ bass to dub and a few things not actually in between. Last time I reviewed a show by The Bird I tried to coin the genre ‘dub n’ bass’ to describe the sound.. (IN THE MIX)

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