The Garifuna Collective Touring April 2018

The Garifuna Collective Touring April 2018

The Garifuna culture has been shaped over centuries by their mixed ethnicity and location, their music an intoxicating mixture of African rhythm and Latin American grooves.

In 2001 UNESCO, officially proclaimed the language, dance and music of the Garifuna people of Central America as a ‘Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity’

The Garifuna Collective are carrying the torch of their unique culture into the future, expanding on the story of this fascinating community, which is struggling to retain its unique language, music, and traditions in the face of globalization.

The band consists of the best musicians in the fertile Garifuna music scene of Belize. They bring together the deep cultural roots of Garifuna music, mixed with modern grooves, arrangements, and instruments. Unique hand drums, turtle shells and jawbones, guitars and bass are all used. The musicians create a powerful energy on stage, building hypnotizing rhythms that form the backbone for the haunting melodies and powerful vocals that characterize the project.

Catch the irresistible pulse of the Garifuna Collective on their first ever visit to Australian shores.

Thursday 12th April
Mullumbimby Civic Hall, Mullumbimby NSW
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Saturday 14th April
The Big Bang
Commonwealth Games Festival, Gold Coast QLD
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Sunday 15th April
Bellingen Memorial Hall, Bellingen NSW
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Tuesday 17th April
Casula Powerhouse, Casula NSW
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Thursday 19th April
Dangar Island Bowlo, Dangar Island NSW
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Friday 20th April
Django Bar, Marrickville NSW
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