When a group of musical conservationists join forces with the passion to hold onto their ancient musical cultures and language – but to fuse it together with 21st century technology, a new band is born – Yarwah.

Featuring the talents of Tjupurru on Didjeribone, FaceBass & Electronics, Fred Leone; vocals, Efiq Zulfiqar on Su-ling, flute & jaw harp and Luke Fabila with electric percussion, this freshly formed Indigenous super group presents a cutting edge contemporary sound born from ancient cultures and language.

Yawah perform a mix of electronic dubstep/trance, and hip hop laced with West Javanese instruments and Aboriginal language and chants

Created from friendship and a shared mission of cultural preservation, Yarwah’s message is as strong and vital as their sound.

The track “Freedom Riders” was written by Yarwah in honour of those who saw the need to make CHANGE in Australia.


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